The Future of Data Economy in Hong Kong

Despite its relatively low GDP, Hong Kong has a high proportion of global top-tier technology companies and many large multinational corporations operate their regional headquarters in the city. This is due to the presence of a skilled and well-educated workforce, access to mainland China markets, its openness to foreign investment and its proximity to regional growth centres such as Shanghai and Beijing. In addition, the city has a highly developed infrastructure and a deep pool of talent in data science, which is a key component of any digital business strategy.

The city’s data economy is poised for major growth as Hong Kong and the Mainland work together to enhance their shared prosperity through industrial synergies, the upgrading of intelligence and competitiveness in traditional industries and the digital transformation of all sectors. Speaking at a recent event, former Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said the development of the national digital economy should serve both the city’s and the mainland’s interests.

One area where Hong Kong is already a leader is in the use of artificial intelligence (AI), which has many applications across multiple industry sectors. In fact, the PCPD has launched a new framework on AI best practices to help local companies make the most of this emerging technology. The framework also helps small and medium-sized enterprises, which are increasingly adopting AI services, ensure that they do so in a compliant manner.

Another area where the use of AI can have a big impact is in healthcare, where it can improve the quality and effectiveness of treatment. For example, it can be used to detect cancer earlier, provide more personalized treatment and allow medical staff to make better decisions about patient care. In addition, it can be used to identify patients at risk of developing certain conditions and provide them with targeted interventions.

Moreover, the PCPD has taken steps to ensure that the personal data of individual citizens is handled responsibly. Its new guidelines on data protection cover areas such as consent, fairness and transparency, accountability and security. The guidelines are a significant advance over previous rules that were vague and ambiguous.

Finally, the PCPD has taken steps to encourage local companies to develop their own data analytics capabilities. This will help them to better understand their customers’ behaviour and needs, and also create jobs in the sector. The guidelines will be implemented in phases starting in early 2022.

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