Hong Kong Pools Are Opening Again – Here Are Some of the Best Pool Staycations in the City

hongkong pools

Hong Kong pools are opening again, and the city’s pool staycations are a great way to get a refreshing summer getaway. From infinity pools with spectacular views to water zones where kids can splash around, here are our picks for the best pool staycations in Hong Kong.

In a sign that the coronavirus pandemic may be coming to an end, the government said on Monday (March 29) it would ease some of its restrictions and allow swimming pools, beaches and religious gatherings to reopen, while shortening the quarantine period for some international arrivals to 14 days from 21. Secretary for Food and Health Sophia Chan said the number of local infections had dropped dramatically, which gave the administration leeway to relax some measures.

If you’re looking for a relaxing swim with a view, look no further than Kerry Hotel’s breathtaking rooftop pool. This oasis overlooking Victoria Harbour is open to guests and non-guests alike. Sit back on one of their daybeds and relax in the pool as you watch the sun set over Hong Kong island.

This rooftop pool is a must-see for anyone visiting Hong Kong. Not only does it boast a stunning view of the skyline, but it is also the first pool in China to use a translucent insulated tensile membrane from Birdair (Tensotherm). This innovative material minimizes glare and provides an energy saving effect by keeping the indoor temperature lower than that of the outdoor environment.

The hotel has three separate water zones, so you can enjoy a different experience with each visit. The whirlpool, which is located in the center of the pool, has powerful jets that massage your body. Meanwhile, the kids’ water playground has a water bucket slide and sprayers, while the adult-only pool is great for kicking back and enjoying some time to yourself.

When you’re ready to leave the pool, grab a drink at their rooftop bar and enjoy the scenery. There are few things better than a cool cocktail and a dip in the pool at sunset.

If you’re relocating to Hong Kong with children, consider looking for flats in larger developments that have large outdoor pools. These developments often have facilities for families and will give your kids the opportunity to meet other swimmers and burn off some steam. Smaller single-tower developments typically only have smaller outdoor pools, which might be a little too short for laps, but are a fun way for the kids to cool down and unwind.

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