The Hong Kong Prize for Secondary School Students

hk prize

The Hong Kong Students Prize is an annual art competition for secondary school students. It is a great opportunity for students to showcase their talent, and it also provides recognition for their hard work. Students are nominated by their teachers to enter the contest, and they must submit artworks online before the deadline. Each student can submit up to three works. The winning artist will receive HK$8,000, and their school will be awarded HK$20,000.

This year’s event featured a variety of exciting events, including the launching of the ICAS Book Prize for Global Hong Kong Studies and the presentation of the HKAI Awards to the best local publications. In addition, there were various workshops and panel discussions on topics relating to the future of Hong Kong.

HKAI Award winners received plaques, cash prizes and the honorary title of Fellow of HKAI to mark their outstanding achievements in academia and the wider community. The award logo, which is used both in the promotional material and on the trophies conferred to the winners, juxtaposes two precious elements: a pearl and a pierced jade amulet. The design has happy connotations in both Chinese and Western contexts.

The Prize is open to all enrolled students in Hong Kong, and participants can be nominated by their teachers. The winners will be selected by a panel of judges. The winner of the Judges Prize will receive HK$8,000, and their schools will receive HK$20,000. The other finalists will each receive HK$2,000.

In the latest saga of a feud over China’s control of Hong Kong, some US politicians have nominated six pro-democracy activists for the Nobel Peace Prize, saying they embodied “the peaceful aspirations of the people in Hong Kong who yearn to see their autonomies and ways of life protected and their democratic aspirations fulfilled.” The bipartisan group includes Republican senators Marco Rubio and Christopher Smith and Democrat James McGovern. The nominations were sent to the Nobel Committee on Wednesday.

Besides the main prize, this year’s Hong Kong Prize has a new category for the best article written in English about Asia and its cultures. Previously, the prize had only one category for writing in the language of Hong Kong. The judges have praised this new category for being inclusive and addressing many important issues in Asian society. The authors of the winning articles will be invited to present at a public forum at the Hong Kong University later this year. The finalists will also receive ICAS Books Prizes for their articles. ICAS is delighted to support the prize, which has now become an integral part of the ICAS Book Prize series. ICAS will continue to support this important work in the years to come. ICAS wishes the Hong Kong Prize every success in its mission to foster excellence in the field of Hong Kong studies around the world.