The Singapore Prize – A Catalyst For Globalisation of Research, Innovation and Technology

singapore prize

The winners of the Singapore Open Doubles round will walk away with a whopping prize pool of $62,900. This is the largest cash prize for this phase of the tournament.

The organisers of the event have made it clear that they want to see this prize money go to players who deserve it. They have also stated that they will consider giving the winner of the final a higher cash prize.

This year, there were a total of 210 participants in the competition. The first-placed player won $34,200, while the runner-up earned $28,900. The rest of the money was distributed among the other players in the second and third positions.

Professor Miksic received the award for his book, Leluhur: Singapore Kampong Gelam, which he wrote in the hope of helping people understand their country’s history better. His work is based on research conducted by himself and other scholars, as well as literary records such as Tang Dynasty chronicles. He began his journey into Southeast Asian history in 1984, when he was invited to Singapore to conduct a test excavation of Fort Canning. Since then, he has led several archaeological projects in the country, including those at Empress Place and Old Parliament House.

He was also praised for his research on the enigmatic Kampong Gelam settlements in Indonesia. Despite their small size, these villages were able to survive and even thrive under harsh conditions. Kampong Gelam’s success is an inspiration for all of us, says Prof Miksic. He hoped that his book will help the public realise that they don’t need to be professional historians to produce quality research.

In addition, the winners of the prize will receive a fund to propel their ideas and innovations into action at a larger scale. This will be supported by a range of strategic partners, such as Temasek Trust, GenZero and Conservation International. Temasek Trust will provide its experience and expertise in catalytic philanthropy, blended finance and community engagement to the programme.

The Singapore Prize will be a catalyst for the globalisation of research, innovation and technology. This initiative aims to bring together Singaporeans, international students and industry partners to collaborate and innovate on a global stage. It will also create new opportunities for students to expand their horizons, and build their networks globally.

Applicants can benefit from a range of financial support, including tuition fees and living allowance, as well as access to research internships and placement opportunities. This will enable them to develop a strong foundation for their Ph.D. studies in one of the world’s top research universities and take their research to a global level. To learn more about the programme, please visit the official website. Interested candidates can apply by the end of March this year. The results will be announced in June. The competition is open to all nationalities, with a focus on applications from Asia Pacific. Read more about the Singapore Prize and how to apply here.